Special Topic on Design of High Perfomance Packet Router and Network Processor
The Record of Paper Presented (99.09.15 ~)
Present Date Presenter Title Publisher Authors PPT | PDF
2010/05/11 尤若寧 Hardware Implementation for Scalable Lookahead Regular Expression Detection Parallel & Distributed Processing, Workshops and Phd Forum (IPDPSW), 2010 Masanori Bando, N. Sertac Artan and H. Jonathan Chao
2010/05/11 王煜翔 FEACAN: Front-End Acceleration for Content-Aware Network Processing InfoComm, 2011 Yaxuan Qi, Kai Wang, Jeffrey Fong, Yibo Xue, Jun Li, Weirong Jiang, Viktor Prasanna
2010/05/04 梁文澤 Sampling Techniques to Accelerate Pattern Matching in Network Intrusion Detection Systems 2010 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) Domenico Ficara, Gianni Antichi, Andrea Di Pietro, Stefano Giordano, Gregorio Procissi, Fabio Vitucci
2010/05/04 簡兆彥 HaRP: Rapid Packet Classification via Hashing Round-Down Prefixes IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 08 Fong Pong, Nian-Feng Tzeng
2010/04/27 張云臙 Counter Braids: A Novel Counter Architecture for Per-Flow Measurement SIGMETRICS’08 Yi Lu, Andrea Montanari, Balaji Prabhakar, Sarang Dharmapurikar, Abdul Kabbani
2010/04/20 尤若寧 Curing Regular Expressions Matching Algorithms from Insomnia, Amnesia, and Acalculia ANCS ‘07 S. Kumar, B. Chandrasekaran, J. Turner, and G. Varghese
2010/04/20 王煜翔 Efficient Signature Matching with Multiple Alphabet Compression Tables SecureComm, 2008 Shijin Kong,Randy Smith,and Cristian Estan
2010/03/30 梁文澤 Loop-Free Updates of Forwarding Tables IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management Jing Fu, Peter Sjödin and Gunnar Karlsson
2010/03/16 簡兆彥 Low-Power TCAMs for Very Large Forwarding Tables IEEE/ACM Transactions on networking, 2010 Wencheng Lu and Sartaj Sahni, Fellow, IEEE
2010/03/16 謝宗霖 A Non-computational Intensive Pre-filter for Pattern Matching in Network Intrusion Detection Systems IEEE GLOBECOM 2006 Nen-Fu Huang ,Yen-Ming Chu ,Yih-Jou Tzang ,Jian-Lin Chen ,Hsien-Wei Hun ,Ming-Chang Shih and Chia-Nan Kao
2010/02/23 張云臙 BRICK: A Novel Exact Active Statistics Counter Architecture ANCS’08 Nan Hua, Bill Lin, Jun (Jim) Xu, Haiquan (Chuck) Zhao
2010/02/23 尤若寧 FlashTrie: Hash-based Prefix-Compressed Trie for IP Route Lookup Beyond 100Gbps INFOCOM, 2010 Masanori Bando and H. Jonathan Chao
2010/02/16 王煜翔 Extending Finite Automata to Efficiently Match Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNext),2008 Michela Becchi and Patrick Crowley
2010/01/26 梁文澤 An Improved DFA for Fast Regular Expression Matching ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review Domenico Ficara,Stefano Giordano,Gregorio Procissi,Fabio Vitucci,Gianni Antichi,Andrea Di Pietro
2010/01/05 謝宗霖 Packet Pre-filtering for Network Intrusion Detection ANCS’06 Ioannis Sourdis, Vasilis Dimopoulos, Dionisios Pnevmatikatos and Stamatis Vassiliadis
2010/12/29 張云臙 Efficient Implementation of a Statics Counter Architecture SIGMETRICS’03 Sriram Ramabhadran, George Varghese
2010/12/29 尤若寧 Fast and Scalable Pattern Matching for Network Intrusion Detection Systems IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2006 Sarang Dharmapurikar, John Lockwood
2010/12/22 梁文澤 Advanced Algorithms for Fast and Scalable Deep Packet Inspection ANCS '06 Sailesh Kumar、Jonathan Turner、John Williams
2010/12/15 王煜翔 Range Hash for Regular Expression Pre-Filtering ANCS '10 Masanori Bando, N. Sertac Artan, Rihua Wei, Xiangyi Guo and H. Jonathan Chao
2010/12/08 簡兆彥 Design and Performance Analysis of a DRAM-based Statistics Counter Array Architecture ANCS '09 Haiquan (Chuck) Zhao, Hao Wang, Bill Lin, Jun (Jim) Xu
2010/12/08 謝宗霖 Hash-AV:Fast Virus Signature Scanning by Cache-Resident Filters IEEE Globecom 2005 Ozgun Erdogan and Pei Cao
2010/12/01 張云臙 Approximate Caches for Packet Classification INFOCOM 2004 Francis Chang, Wu-chang Feng, Kang Li
2010/12/01 尤若寧 High Performance Pattern Matching using Bloom-Bloomier Filter Electrical Engineering/Electronics Computer Telecommunications and Information Technology (ECTI-CON), 2010 Nguyen Duy Anh Tuan, Bui Trung Hieu, Tran Ngoc Thinh
2010/11/24 王煜翔 Fast and Memory-Efficient Regular Expression Matching for Deep Packet Inspection ANCS’06 Fang Yu, Zhifeng Chen, Yanlei Diao, T.V. Lakshman and Randy H. Katz
2010/11/17 梁文澤 An Improved Algorithm to Accelerate Regular Expression Evaluation ANCS’07 Michela Becchi 、Patrick Crowley
2010/11/10 簡兆彥 A scalable multithreaded L7-filter design for multi-core servers ANCS '08 Danhua Guo、 Guangdeng Liao、Laxmi N. Bhuyan、Bin Liu、Jianxun Jason Ding
2010/11/10 謝宗霖 SigMatch:Fast and Scalable Multi-pattern Matching International Conference on Very Large Data Bases 2010 Ramakrishnan Kandhan , Nikhil Teletia ,Jignesh M. Patel
2010/11/03 張云臙 Architectures for Packet Classification Caching INCON 2003 Kang Li, Francis Chang, Wu-chang Feng
2010/11/03 尤若寧 Cache Memory Design for Network Processors High-Performance Computer Architecture, 2000 Tzi-Cker Chiueh, Prashant Pradhan
2010/10/27 王煜翔 Topological Transformation Approaches to TCAM-Based Packet Classification IEEE/ACM TRANSACTION ON NETWORKING Chad R. Meiners ,Alex X. Liu ,Eric Torng
2010/10/27 梁文澤 XFA Faster Signature MatchingWith Extended Automata IEEE Symposium on Security & privacy,2008 Randy Smith & Cristian Estan & Somesh Jha
2010/10/20 簡兆彥 A SCALABLE PIPELINE ARCHITECTURE FOR LINE RATE PACKET CLASSIFICATION ON FPGAS International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems Jeffrey M. Wagner 、 Weirong Jiang、Viktor K. Prasanna
2010/10/13 謝宗霖 Fast Regular Expression Matching using Small TCAMs for Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems 19th USENIX SECURITY SYMPOSIUM Chad R. meiners ,Jignesh Patel ,Eric Norige ,Eric Torng , Alex X. Liu
2010/10/06 張云臙 Leveraging Parallelism for Multi-dimensional Packet ACM SIGMETRICS 2010 Yadi Ma, Suman Banerjee, Shan Lu, and Cristian Estan
2010/10/06 尤若寧 A New IP Lookup Cache for High Performance IP Routers DAC'10 Guangdeng Liao, Heeyeol Yu, Laxmi Bhuyan
2010/09/29 王煜翔 Tuple Pruning Using Bloom Filters for Packet Classification IEEE MICRO Hyesook Lim , So Yeon Kim
2010/09/29 梁文澤 DUOS – Simple Dual TCAM Architecture for Routing Tables with Incremental Update ISCC 2010 Tania Mishra , Sartaj Sahni
2010/09/15 簡兆彥 Hierarchical packet classification using a Bloom filter and rule-priority tries Computer Communications A. G. Alagu Priya、Hyesook Lim
2010/09/15 謝宗霖 Worst-Case TCAM Rule Expansion IEEE INFOCOM 2010 Ori Rottenstreich, Issac Keslassy