Special Topic on Design of High Perfomance Packet Router and Network Processor
The Record of Paper Presented (96.9.27 ~ ???)
Present Date Presenter Title publisher Authors slides
20080116 林意勝 High-Speed Packet Classification Using Binary Search on Length ANCS’07, 2007 Hyesook Lim and Ju Hyoung Mun
20080110 林呈俞 Efficient packet classification using TCAMs Computer Networks 2006 Derek Pao, Yiu Keung Li and Peng Zhou
20080103 陳宥佐 TCAM Razor: A Systematic Approach Towards Minimizing Packet Classifiers in TCAMs ICNP 2007 Chad R. Meiners, Alex X. Liu, Eric Torng
20080103 林意勝 A Longest Prefix First Search Tree for IP Lookup Computer Networks 51 (2007) Lih-Chyau Wuu, Tzong-Jye Liu, Kuo-Ming Chen
20071223 林呈俞 Parallel Packet Classification via Policy Table Pre-Partitioning IEEE Globecom 2005 Kai Zheng, Zhiyong Liang and Yi Ge
20071214 張凱焯 A Signature Match Processor Architecture for Network Intrusion Detection IEEE Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM’05) Janardhan Singaraju,Long Bu and John A. Chandy
20071129 楊淇祿 High-Speed Packet Classification for Differentiated Services in Next-Generation Networks IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA, VOL. 6, NO. 6, DECEMBER 2004 Pi-Chung Wang, Member, IEEE, Chia-Tai Chan, Shuo-Cheng Hu, Chun-Liang Lee, and Wei-Chun Tseng
20071129 林意勝 Scalable IPv6 Lookup/Update Design for High-Throughput Routers Journal of Internet Technology, 2007 Chung-Ho Chen, Chao-Hsien Hsu, Chen-Chieh Wang
20071122 林呈俞 Fast Packet Classification Using Bloom filters ANCS 2006 Sarang Dharmapurikar, Haoyu Song, Jonathan Turner,and John Lockwood
20071115 張凱焯 Optimization of Regular Expression Pattern Matching Circuits on FPGA Design,Automation and Test in Europe,2006.DATE’06 Proceedings Cheng-Hung Lin, Chih-Tsun Huang, Chang-Ping Jiang, and Shih-Chieh Chang
20071115 林意勝 Divide-and-conquer: a scheme for IPv6 address longest prefix matching HPSR, 2006 Zhenqiang LI, Xiaohong Deng Hongxiao Ma and Yan Ma
20071108 楊淇祿 Scalable Packet Classification for Enabling Internet Differentiated Services IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA, VOL. 8, NO. 6, DECEMBER 2006 Pi-Chung Wang, Member, IEEE, Chia-Tai Chan, Chun-Liang Lee, and Hung-Yi Chang
20071101 張凱焯 Scalable Pattern Matching for High Speed Networks Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines(FCCM) Christopher R.Clark and David E. Schemmel
20071101 林意勝 Tree, Segment Table, and Route Bucket A Multi-Stage Algorithm for IPv6 Routing Table Lookup INFOCOM 2007 Zhenqiang LI and Dongqu ZHENG Yan MA
20071025 林呈俞 Parallel tree search: An algorithmic approach for multi-field packet classification computer communications Derek Pao and Cutson Liu
20071025 陳宥佐 Route Table Partitioning and Load Balancing for Parallel Searching with TCAMs IPDPS 2007. IEEE International Dong Lin, Yue Zhang, Chengchen Hu, Gin Liu, Xin Zhang, and Derek pao
20071018 楊淇祿 Fast packet classification for two-dimensional conflict-free filters Computer Networks 50 (2006) 1831–1842 Florin Baboescu, Priyank Warkhede, Subhash Suri, George Varghese
20071008 林意勝 A Memory- Efficient Reconfigurabe Aho-Corasick FSM Implementation for Intrusion Detection Systems IC-SAMOS 2007 Seongwook Youn and Dennis McLeod
20071008 林呈俞 A Novel Algorithm and Architecture for High Speed Pattern Matching in Resource-limited Silicon Solution IEEE Communications Society,ICC 2007 Nen-Fu Huang, Yen-Ming Chu, Chi-Hung Tsai, Chen-Ying Hsieh and Yih-Jou Tzang
20071004 陳宥佐 A Scalable Architecture For High-Throughput Regular-Expression Pattern Matching ISCA’06 Benjamin C. Brodie, Ron K. Cytron, David E. Taylor
20070927 張凱焯 Architectures For Bit-Split String Scanning In Intrusion Detection IEEE MICRO, 2006 Lin Tan and Timothy Sherwood